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Dr. Cantieri is dedicated to providing high quality care to his patients, and he has been doing so successully for over 35 years. Here are a few of thing things customers are saying.

"Worth every penny! I've never been to a Dr. as thorough as Dr. Cantieri. He described everything he was doing and why and spent lots of time asking questions and listening. He seemed to genuinely care and my daughter really liked him." 

- Suzanne W.

"Dr Mark healed my neck, hip and knee injury with just a few visits and no mess! It's been 3 years now and I am feeling great!" - Stefani D.

"Dr. Cantieri is one of the smartest men I know. He takes all pain issues very seriously and will make sure you not only understand your injury but also your options for treatment. He and his staff are kind and very compassionate and if you are having a spasm or whatever the ailment may be they will do everything in their power to get you in ASAP!! Developing an effective pain treatment plan is his utmost passion. His treatment plans consist of how to resolve pain and not how to live with it using opiates." 

- Sara W.

"Dr. Cantieri is the best DO I've ever worked with. He knows his stuff. He doesn't just ask, How can we manage this pain?, he asks, Can this pain be done away with altogether? He has made pain reduction and management his life's work. He has a full body understanding of locational pain and offers a wide range of treatments to cope with them... He always starts with the least invasive options. He also has a really great bedside manner. I enjoy seeing him every time I go. He makes me laugh and feel at ease.

If I could have given more stars, I would have."

- Michelle W.

Sara W.

Great Doc. Very happy with the care I'm receiving .

- G Sookradge

(Translated by Google) Dr. Cantieri is super good. He has extensive experience in Prolotherapy. Doctor Cantieri is great very knowledgeable and honest highly recommended.


(Original) El doctor Cantieri es super bueno. Tiene mucha experiencia en proloterapia. Doctor Cantieri is great very knowledgeable and honest highly recommended.

-M Ortiz

mary harder md.jpg

I have worked with Dr Cantieri both as a referring physician and as a patient. I can say with confidence that he is a gifted physician who listens and takes the time to find the cause of the condition, treating to heal instead of just “applying a Band-Aid.” He has helped patients of mine that had stumped medical minds at  famous medical centers. In my case I saw 7 different physicians and many physical therapists throughout South Bend and Chicago before seeing Dr. Cantieri and starting a treatment  plan that has been very successful. Treatment by him has also helped me avoid further surgeries. I highly recommend him.

- Mary Harder, M.D.

"When I experienced a torn rotator cuff injury I was given a choice to have surgery with physical therapy following OR I could try Prolotherapy. I chose Prolotherapy and the injury was healed and I regained full functionality. Dr. Cantieri has treated pain issues in several of my relatives and they all highly recommend his services."

- L Sunday

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